Top 5 Beautiful Regions in England


England continues to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. London in particular is one of the most visited cities and draws people in with its charm, history, and pubs. England’s smaller cities, like Bath and Oxford, are equally as fascinating with a lot of culture and fewer crowds. Liverpool boasts a rich music history as the birthplace to The Beatles. The countryside has fascinating estates and natural beauty. England has a lot to do and see in it. 

Sussexsux.jpgSussex is located around 1 hour away from London, and is known for its rolling countryside, stunning coastline and pretty villages. West Sussex is home mainly to the South Down’s national park, famous for its landscapes and the white cliffs of the Seven Sisters. In East Sussex lies the seaside city of Brighton.

Devondev.jpgDevon is a diverse county, from rippling beaches to rugged hills and moors. The Great Dartoor Area is home to several UNESCO World Heritage sites and two national parks. Listed in our top 5 beautiful regions in England for its glorious rugged terrain, it has been the inspiration for many writers including Conan Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles. 

Dorsetdor.jpgDorset boasts a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site coastline named the Jurassic Coast, with many charming and picturesque villages spread out along the seafront. The Jurassic coast is a stretch of 200 million year old shoreline with extraordinary sea-carved bays, beaches and cliffs and makes it into our top 5 beautiful regions in England. It is a popular place to go walking, and many visitors will take advantage of activities like swimming, sailing and kayaking. 


The Lake District is England’s largest national park and one Britain’s most popular destinations. The region is loved for its stunning mountainous scenery and glittering lakes, with many visitor’s flocking to the region to discover its literary connection, since many of Britain’s greatest writers came to the Lake District to find inspiration including Beatrix Potter, William Wordsworth and Arthur Ransome.

Peak Districtpd.jpg

Last of our top 5 beautiful regions is The Peak District, which boasts breathtaking landscapes of hills, valleys, moors and dales. It is home to the Peak District National Park, whose 555 square miles of English countryside have made it Europe’s busiest national park. Visitors come to the region to see the breathtaking scenery and hike along the numerous trails. 



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