Driving Issues That Parents Need To Warn Teens Against

personal-instructors.jpgSome parents often wonder whether it is a good idea to start teaching their kids the basics of driving from an early age or not. Although it wouldn’t be right to set a compulsory rule for that because every child is different, parents should at least provide theoretical tips relevant to the basics of manoeuvring a vehicle. And by the time a teenager reaches the legal age of driving, they must be enrolled under a certified instructor. Considering the significance of driving lessons classes is something that adults ought to prioritise if they want their son or daughter to stay safe with their car on the road.

In addition to that, it is imperative to take into account the main issues that affect teenage driving nowadays. Some of them have been listed below in detail, have a look:


7.15-300x200.jpgSpeeding is probably the most common reason for road accidents involving teenagers. Young boys and girls generally have a tendency of driving their cars faster than adults, which, in unfortunate scenarios, can lead to a fatal crash. That is why, parents need to tell their kids to watch their speedometer at all times, especially while on roads with heavy traffic.

Weekend Accidents

teen-drinking-driving.jpgAs per statistics and reports, the number of teen driver accidents usually stay on peak during Saturdays, Sundays and also Fridays. This is because high school and college students are normally in a rush during those days, either heading to parties with friends, going out on dates, etc. In order to be at their destination on time, they pay less attention on the road ahead and ultimately pave the way for avoidable accidents.

Drinking & Driving

p5.jpgThis one is yet another common cause of car accidents that result  in teen fatalities. According to reports, around half of the teenagers who die every year while driving have more than 0.8 alcohol in their blood on an average. Such things need to be told about to kids from an age as early as 14 years, so that they don’t make the mistake of drinking & driving in future.

No Seat Belts

pbelt.jpgMany teenagers think that avoiding seat belts is not a big deal while driving, but they need to realise that these safety measures exist for a reason. Nearly a hundred teenagers put their lives at risk everyday simply by not putting on the seat belts of their car.

All of these issues endanger the lives of many teenaged drivers every year. They should, therefore, be taken into account and avoided effectively.


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