Branding On Your Clothing

Corporate Workwear

The best spot for branding on clothing?’ Here is the answer to it.

Right chest – It is not as popular as left chest but obviously it may be done. This usually works for those who would like a job role or name included and they have two logos – one on right and the other on left chest.

Left chest – It is one of the most common spots for positioning the logo. This is because people are generally used seeing logos in this spot and it really works well for businesses who do not want a big logo splashed across the front. It is subtle yet effective & mostly works great with buttons and zips on corporate workwear in Australia like shirts, polos and fleeces. So, if there’s any pocket in left chest side, embroidering or printing the logo just above it is all that’s recommended.

Upper back – For making a clothing a bit more personalised or for maximum exposure of the logo, a logo may even be repeated on upper back area. This is even the best place to include your motto or web address. Clothing that are made for big business/product launch or events usually make use of this spot.

Lower back – If you want to include your motto or a punchy tagline, lower back of the garments like hivis vest, jacket or t-shirt is then a great position. But it should be in print.

Legs – If you are in search of a personalised clothing for societies or clubs, the joggers or down the leg on the tracksuit bottoms is a common option. You can either opt for individual names & surnames or club name & make sure they’re printed for maximum effect. For workwear or cargo pants, embroidery logos above back pocket or below waist pocket on one leg reinforces the image of the company & looks quite professional & smart.

Beanies and caps – You can either embroider or print on beanies or caps. But it is always recommended to go for embroidered caps in Australia as this happens to be the most effective trend. Websites, logos, mottos or nicknames all stand out pretty well and you may choose the back, front sides or just a combination. Just make sure that the space on back for caps is smaller.



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