Throw An Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

V-day celebrations with their respective partners, start planning your own kind of party too. If you are a happy single, then opt for an anti-valentine’s day6 party. Surprisingly, there is not much difference in the arrangements of an anti-valentine’s and a valentine’s day party.
For arranging an anti-valentine’s party, you need to follow the undermentioned steps :

Select a theme
Go for a jolly theme that is not romantic. Try to establish an ambience with no sign of anything romantic. If possible, go for an anti-red theme, such as white, blue, black, etc. Make some posters and put them onto the walls where the party is going to be held. Write some anti romantic sayings such as “I’d Rather be in Debt Than in Love”, “As Single as I Wanna Be”, etc. on postcards. Make the atmosphere as much unromantic as you can.

Guest list
 Like every party arrangement, making a structured guest list for your anti valentine’s day party is a must. However, make sure that your guests are not engaged. Only invite those people who are in any relationship. Include the name of all your “happily-single” friends in the guest list and invite them accordingly.

Party decorations
pexels-photo-11140.jpegNo party is completed without decoration, and no decoration can be absolute without beautiful flowers. Since it is all about celebrating an anti-romantic party, don’t include red roses. There are numerous floral arrangement options available in the market that can be opted for. To get some ideas, you can even contact an experienced florist in Newborough and choose flowers accordingly.

love-1013677_960_720.jpgMake the gathering an interactive one by organising some fun filled activities. There are lots of party activities that you can choose from. To get the best ideas, it is recommended to search over the internet.

Arrange the food
valentines-day-1182250_960_720.pngNo matter what type of party you are having, foods and drinks are the life of it. To highlight the theme of the party, go for grilled and hot items. Don’t forget to include desserts as well. Provide champagne to your guests as a refreshing drink.

Ready to have a exciting and joyful anti valentine’s day party by following all the aforementioned ideas.

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One thought on “Throw An Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

  1. Sounds like too much effort! I’ll buy a bottle of champagne and pick a rose from my garden to present to the man in my life- that will do. He won’t expect anything 🙂
    Thanks for the follow – and seriously, these are good suggestions for youmg , energtic, aspiring lovers !

    Liked by 1 person

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