Best Upcoming PC Games of 2017

Best Upcoming PC Games of 2017

This year is going to be big for the platform of PC gaming, because there are plenty of upcoming releases that die hard gamers can be excited about. From strategy and action to FPS, everyone will have something to pick for experiencing adrenaline rushes while being seated in front of their computer screens. So here are the best games of 2017 that we’re anxiously waiting for:

Final Fantasy XIV: Storm blood (June)

The next installment, in the globally popular MMORPG, has been promised to be packed with an array of new challenges and quests, which are set in uncharted lands in the mystical realm. For fans who can’t keep calm, Final Fantasy XIV is available for pre-purchase already.


Mass Effect Andromeda (March)

In this brand new chapter of Mass Effect Universe, gamers will be sent by Andromeda to Andromeda galaxy in search of new planets, where human beings can successfully colonise and thrive. The stage of the game has been set 600 years after the elementary Mass Effect trilogy.

Mass Effect Andromeda

South Park: The Fractured But Whole (Before July)

For those who are crazy about superhero flicks and the gaming franchise of South Park, this upcoming release is bound to become a favourite. However, gamers familiar with the Stick of Truth need to know that this new chapter will replace the whole theme of fantasy with superheroes.


Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wild lands (March)

Based on a Bolivian landscape where no mistake is forgiven, this game amalgamates action, comradery and stealth. Blessed with a gameplay which seems endless, Ghost Recon Wildlands can offer hours of exploration fun.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

For Honor (February)

This game is centred around an antagonist warlord, Apollyon, who explodes across the realm of 3 factions. In the warlike adventurous gameplay, gamers can either partake as single- or multi-player.

For Honor

Quake Champions (2017)

Fixed as the chapter next to Quake 3 Arena, this multiplayer FPS delight will see the return of Ranger & Visor, and debut newcomers Scalebearer & Nyx. Quake Champions has been promised to serve as a virtual paradise for gamers who love some good adrenaline pumping FPS.

Quake Champions

So if you are getting all hyped about these upcoming releases, then gear up your game machine with the all the latest tools and additions. In case your PC is rather outdated, contact a reliable expert of computer installation in Bunbury and get ready behind your computer screen to enjoy some seriously mind blowing gameplay.


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