The Difference Between Traditional and Modern Upholstery


Traditional upholsteryTraditional upholstery and modern upholstery- both are completely different aspects of interior designing and furnishing. Each has its own distinctive characteristics, its own charm and attractions. While traditional upholstery caters to the needs of the glamour seekers and indulgent, modern upholstery complies with the requirements of the modest. Furniture items with traditional upholstery showcase elegance and romance. Modern upholstered furniture are more subtle and urban in their appeal.

Traditional upholstery is a craft that dates back to the olden times and is also appropriate for chairs from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Furniture with traditional upholstery are generally made from organic and natural materials like grasses and coir, springs, lashings, animal hair, hessians, scrims, bridle ties, etc. These materials are heaped over a solid wood or webbed platform to act as paddings, and the covering is manually stitched using blind or top stitching techniques. Traditional upholstery flourished rapidly during…

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