How Are Tagless Apparels Made?

Tagless Apparels

In the realm of promotional marketing, tagless apparels are among the greatest influencing items. Apart from being popular among a wide range of consumers, they are also very cost-effective to manufacture. In fact, they can help to advertise brand names of companies without requiring business owners to exhaust their capital.

There are a number of methods used for embossing clothing items taglessly, but the most popular ones include screen printing, tagless pad printing and custom printed heat transfers, the third one being preferred frequently. Let’s take a look at each one of them in detail:

Screen Printing
Screen Printing

This is one method of printing apparels taglessly that can produce extremely well-detailed and high quality tags. It is quite ideal for business owners who prioritise flexibility and durability above anything else. Although the drying time is usually very long in case of screen printing, which results in greater production time, the results obtained from the process are substantially stable. Nevertheless, it is better to use this technique for small volume productions only.

Tagless Pad Printing
Tagless Pad Printing

Invented originally for imaging relatively rigid and uneven surfaces accurately, pad printing has now become a quick and affordable solution for tagging large volumes of garments within shortest span of time possible. It is budget-friendly for any business owner who wishes to invest a small amount for advertising through tagged apparel. This is because the volume of ink used is very less, almost miniscule. In addition to that, the machines used for performing pad printing can operate with less power, without generating a lot of heat.

Heat Transfers
Untitled design(3).png

Heat transfer can be safely stated as the foremost technology deployed by garment manufacturers for tagless printing. It involves application of label rolls onto fabric with the help of heat presses. The label rolls are generally made of polyester or paper carrier, polyethylene, water-based inks, plastisol and adhesives. The material used as adhesive gets activated on application of heat and gets embossed on the apparel. The overall method is quite inexpensive & fast, and produces long-lasting tags.

Thus, if you are a business owner who is planning to deploy taglessly printed apparel as an effective marketing tool for your products and services, make sure you choose from the above mentioned as per your budget & requirements. Once you have chosen a method, research the putative service providers in your locality first. Pick the one who offers quality services at reasonable charges.


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