The Origin & Popularisation Of Embroidery

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Embroidery is a handicraft in which fabric or other materials are decorated with needle and thread or yarn. Accessories such as pearls, beads and sequins are added to the fabric through this process. Nowadays, it is seen mostly on coats, hats, blankets, denims etc. Traditionally, however, embroidery was done on handkerchiefs, uniforms, horse strappings, calligraphy, shoes and pouches etc. The oldest record of embroidered material dates back to China in the 5th Century BC. Despite having a remarkably long history, it is interesting to note that throughout the world, the techniques and materials used in this handicraft have remained the same.

In the medieval Islamic world, embroidery was a sought after art. It was extremely popular in cities like Cairo, Damascus and Istanbul where trade was thriving and the nobles and rich businessmen considered goods sewn with decorative accessories a luxury item. Such was the demand of embroidery, that craftsmen clothing items embellished with gold and silver threads.In the 16th century Mughal empire in India, emperor Akbar was a great patron of suchhandicrafts, and the masterpieces of embroidered work were reserved for him as well as the royals.

t-shirts embroidery

The gradual passage of time, however, has witnessed development of specialised machines which allow large volumes of embroidered items to be produced in short time, hence reducing overall cost.On t-shirts, for instance, particular design templates are appropriately placed at certain spots to get an idea about placement. Regularly, they are located 3” below the neck and centered from the sides, though this may vary depending on the size and type of a shirt.
machine embroidery

After correct placement, markings are made to provide reference points. Turning the shirt inside out, a piece of cutaway stabilizer is attached with temporary adhesive on the inside. Then after turning it again, the area to be embroidered is held in place by hoops, and placed under the automated machine which has the design loaded. The needle of the machine is placed right above the center point marked earlier for reference, then it proceeds to create the required design.

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Professional embroidery service on all types of apparel is the trend today in Queensland, from t-shirts to tops and jackets and caps. Traditionally, a pattern or a picture is sewn onto an apparel. Personalised embroidery is really popular, where the customer comes up with the desired pattern and gets it embroidered on the apparel of their choice. It is a great way to personalise a wardrobe, or even add a special touch if the clothing is a gifting item for some special occasion.


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