Decorating Birthday Parties With Flowers

Happy birthday

Whether you are celebrating your child’s birthday or simply a springtime holiday, a flower based celebration would be the best. Decorating a birthday party with seasonal flowers is lovely at any time of the year.

Flowers Decoartion
For the best decorations, you can buy the bouquets from an online store. You can even use a flower shaped template for the invitation cards and establish the theme of the party using floral decorations and activities. You can also decorate each of the bouquets with a variety of embellishments like coloured markers, ribbons and glitters. Use some dummy flowers made from tissue papers along with original flowers. But make sure that these flowers are less in number compared to the originals.

Activities and games
Birthday party

  • The activities and games must be based according to the floral theme. Instead of traditional musical chairs, you can play musical flower chairs. Flower delivery professionals in Traralgon can provide you with a variety of flowers arranged in beautiful bouquets.
  • Attach various bouquets on a number of chairs and mark a single chair with a specific type of bouquet. Contestants participating in the game must acquire the seat which is marked with the specific bouquet. This will make the game more interesting than it traditionally is.

You can also arrange a game for the kids. Place various types of flowers on a table and make some quiz on them. Ask the kids to determine the flowers and tell them to answer the questions. This will help the kids get familiar with the flowers and they will learn while playing.

Food and dining
Birthday food
It is always a great idea to attach the floral theme to your party menu. You can either place bouquets in the centre of the dining table or decorate the bits of the table with flower and leaves.

  • Make flower shaped sandwiches and quesadillas or you can opt for choco tubs with a flower on it.
  • Even the juices that you provide can be decorated with flowers instead of fruit or lemon topping. Make sure that the flowers are attached separately with straws so that they can be removed while drinking.

Outdoor decorations
outdoor birthday party
Before you plan to decorate a birthday party with flowers, make sure that you examine the space. If you have a small garden in your property, you can add flowers and orchids to enhance the beauty of the garden and make the birthday party memorable.

When it comes to floral decorations, make sure that you buy them from an online store to benefit yourself with various floral designs and fresh flowers.


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