Mastectomy Scar Healing: The Alternative Way To Invasive Procedures

myofascial therapy

Surgeries like breast implants are prone to scars and several side effects. Myofascial therapy is a natural treatment which can help to get rid of those severe complications.

Surgical or traumatic scars can be a problem because they tend to grow inside the body of an individual. Scars, what you see on the surface of the skin are just the tip of the iceberg. They can create pain and deepen the lines of the face, making one look older than normal.

A scar can appear anywhere on the body and it varies. It can be sunken, coloured, lumpy or flat. One of the most beneficial therapies for scars is the myofascial therapy. The process is very gentle, and has been highly effective in reducing pain, headaches, fibromyalgia, minimising scars and in increasing tone of the face and neck areas, producing a more youthful appearance.

Myofascial release can be very helpful post-surgery following augmentation, mastectomies and breast reduction. Once healing has occurred after a mastectomy, myofascial release techniques performed below and above the scar area can be very helpful in eliminating the pain, and this technique can also soften the scar. Scars grow inside the body like a vine and can reach into the respiratory diaphragm and into the neck. This can cause breathing problems and due to the strength of the vine it can create a pulling sensation.
This creates a posterior strain in the back and neck, resulting in headaches, neck & back pain. All these severe conditions can be dealt with the treatment of myofascial therapy in Perth.

Breast augmentation scars are usually under the breast, which resembles a C-shape on its back. It then can come up under the breast mid-line and usually form a scar around the nipple. The nipples have to be repositioned and many sensory nerves are severed. The resulting scar often becomes thick and dark.
myofascial therapy in PerthThus, Myofascial release can be helpful in softening and lightening up these scars. Many a times the sensory nerves become hypersensitive and the breasts cannot be touched.

Generally, breast implant is done for cosmetic reasons or after mastectomies. Most of the times the breasts do not look natural. They can become hard and huge. Even, sometimes the breasts are not level. Unfortunately, many surgeons do not recognise that fascia twists throughout the body. When a patient lies on the surgical table, breasts appear to be level, but since she is not naturally positioned (not standing) and out of gravity, the fascia is not dragged under this condition. This creates a high or low breast. Myofascial release can reposition the breast and create a more soft, supple and natural appearance.

Myofascial release creates a unique specialty for natural treatments. Myofascial release facials and body treatments are performed as a special service and an alternative to invasive procedures to increase client satisfaction and earn higher profits.

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