The Power Of Natural Treatment: The Self Myofascial Release

Podiatrist Perth
Self myofascial release (SMR) is an effective technique for improving joint range of tissue extensibility, motion, decreasing muscle soreness and blood circulation. This is great news for fitness professionals, especially those working with clients with limited flexibility or those who are new to exercise. The science suggests that SMR is an important and useful protocol to include in a client’s warm-up and cool-down as it may help prepare the body for activity and speed up the recovery process following simple exercises and workouts.

Also important to consider is that some clients may find it uncomfortable to use a traditional foam roller, especially if he/she is obese or has an orthopaedic limitation. They find it difficult performing SMR on the floor. Most hand-roller applications can be done in a sitting or standing position and are a more comfortable and safer alternative. Clients with a chronic disease should consult a podiatrist in Perth before going for this unique treatment. As a rule of thumb, SMR is a very efficient therapy for heel pain treatment.

The fascial system
Fascia is tough, connective tissue that spreads throughout the body in a three-dimensional web right from the head to the foot without interruption. The fascia surrounds every muscle, nerve, bone, blood vessel and organ in the body. Therefore, any malfunction of the fascial system due to inflammation, trauma or surgery can create a binding down of the fascia, resulting in abnormal pressure on muscles, nerves, bones and/or organs.

It has been reported that an extremely high percentage of people suffering from pain, improper motion and unwanted premature effects of aging may be having myofascial problems. All of the standard tests, such as X-rays, myelograms, CAT scans, electromyography, etc., do not show myofascial restrictions. Fascial restrictions can exert tremendous force on the neuromusculoskeletal, fascial and pain-sensitive structures. The enormous pressure sometimes reaches to approximately 2,000 pounds per square inch, thus creating the symptoms of pain, decreased muscular tone in the face and neck or chronic facial tension.

Fascia is the immediate environment of every cell in the body. This means any trauma, surgery or malfunction of the fascia can set up the environment for poor cellular efficiency, disease, necrosis, pain and dysfunction throughout the face, neck and body.

So, consult with a podiatrist and cure your bodily complications with ease to lead a comfortable and pain-free life.


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