Why Choose Lumbar Support Cushions?

For people who are suffering from lower back pain and wondering how to get rid of such annoying pain, opting for lumbar support cushions, orthopedic backrest and ergonomic chairs is often the best solution. There are different types of back support available in the market, so choose one according your requirement.

Adjustable back supports
These types of back supports are flexible and you can also adjust them easily depending on your comfort level and requirements. The back support system can be optimised to suit all regions of your back, thanks to the body-specific strap adjustments. The shell attached at the back of the chairs means that it does not take on the shape of the seat but conforms to the form of the user.

If there is no adjustment option, make sure that the support cushion gives you proper reinforcement through the curve of your back. It should be noted, however, that these types of supports may not prop you to the same degree when used in different chairs.

Moulded foam lumbar supports
These types of cushions come in various shapes and sizes and are made from Dunlop foams, which provide great support, durability & longevity, and excellent materials for upholstery projects. Lumbar support made from this material easily moulds to the shape of your body giving you the support you need, no matter which way your spinal curve is altered, you can be sure that this type of support cushion will certainly follow the direction of your spine and extend support to the required areas. Some cushions have the added benefit of being able to adjust with either a pump-up system or an adjustable insert.

Where to use a lumbar support cushion?
Lumbar support cushions are generally used on vehicle seats where minimal lumbar support is needed within the existing vehicle seat. A range of styles and designs are available in Sydney for the lumbar supports and are worth trialing within individual vehicles to ensure practicality and comfort.
If the foam is of a low quality or does not fit into the seat, the driver can experience sciatic pain because he/she is sitting lopsided. Look for a cushion that does not take on the shape of the seat, rather that of the user.

Back pain may not be cured through lumbar support cushions but can definitely provide ample relief to the people suffering from chronic spinal disorders.


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