Intriguing Facts Related To Air Freight

Air Freight

There is certainly no doubt about the fact that air freight forwarding is among the major dictators of the international trade market. Without it, express delivery of cargo would have been unimaginable, and biggies like Amazon, eBay and DHL might not even exist in the modern times. Thus, international air freight services have a serious role to play. And in this blog, we are going to shed light on some intriguing facts pertinent to the realm of freight movement via planes:

The First Ever Flight To Carry Cargo Was Flown In 1910

It was the Wright Model B plane that flew over a distance of 105 kilometres or 65 miles for moving silk weighing 91 kilos. Later, from among the 102 silk bolts, one was cut up for distribution as souvenirs.

Biggest Air Freight Craft To Ever Exist – The Antonov An-225

Manufactured primarily in Ukraine, Antonov An-225 Mriya is the biggest freight plane to ever exist in the game. Its gross loading capacity is nearly 640 tonnes, which is almost equal to the weight of 4 military tanks. Its wingspan is as large as the length of an average football field.

The Heaviest Load Ever Delivered Is Around 180 tonnes

The heaviest load to be delivered in the history of air freight forwarding was the generator of a gas power station – the generator weighed 187.6 tonnes approximately. Currently, it holds the world record for the heaviest single-item payload to be airlifted.

First Drone Delivery Approved By FAA Was Made In July 2015

For quite a long period of time, Amazon had been testing drone delivery techniques in Washington. However, in July 2015, an Australian UAV delivery startup called Flirtey, successfully delivered goods to a clinic from an airfield using a drone, in Virginia.

Longest Air Freight Route To Be Ever Scheduled Was 14,200Km

In order to complete an air freight delivery scheduled for Auckland from Dubai, an Emirates Airbus A380 covered a distance of 14,200 km or 8824 miles, as per calculations of an industry website . The flight was non-stop and its duration was also the longest, as it took 17 hours & 15 minutes to return to Dubai from Auckland.

We hope that you were quite intrigued to learn about the above mentioned facts about the air freight forwarding industry. If you’d like to see more posts like this, then stay tuned to our blog space.