Benefits Of Foam In Automotive Industry

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Foams are versatile and common products used in the automotive industry. They provide many ecological and economic benefits.

The major benefits are:

  • Efficiency

Knife cutting machine / for foam panels / CNCPolyurethanes or foams can be cut into different shapes according to the size requirements. This means you can reduce the costing of scrap materials.

  • Sustainability

Polyurethanes are great products to apply to reduce the weight of a car. They help to ensure fuel economy, which results in reduced toxic emissions.

  • Recyclable

885493581106004972Polyurethanes can be recycled at the end of their life. The foams are crushed and shredded into tiny particles to use in different approved applications.

  • Versatile

njPolyurethanes are extremely versatile. They can be used in various automotive applications like seats, seat fillings, bumpers and steering wheels.

  • Safety

crash-test-1620608_960_720Polyurethanes have the ability of absorbing, due to their high resiliency. It ensures safety to the driver and passengers.

The benefits achieved by car owners from foam usage

In the modern times, the automotive industry focuses of an objective of making clean, energy efficient, safe and affordable cars. A typical car that weighs 1000 kg contains 100 kg of plastics. Among them 15 kg are polyurethanes. Car manufacturers know it very well that utilising foams will significantly enhance the safety, quality and cost effectiveness of all the cars. They also increase the environmental friendliness, technical capabilities and economic performance of a car.

Thus, the versatility is instrumental while achieving the precise mechanical goals required for automotive industries.

Reducing Noise

Do you know that polyurethanes absorb noise too? They reduce vibration and promote comfortability. Automotive sound insulation made with polyurethanes can reduce noise by 50 percent when compared to traditional insulating materials like bitumen or fibre sheets.

Crucial Usages

  1. Spoiler Spoiler is an accessory that actually helps to improve the aerodynamic properties of a vehicle. It makes the vehicle appear sleeker than those without it. And without the use of foams, spoiler wouldn’t look that much cool because other materials do not provide the same glossiness.
  1. Bumper How can you imagine a car without a bumper? You cannot. A car is incomplete without a bumper. Thanks to polyurethane foams which are essential ingredients for making bumpers. During a collision, the passengers inside the car can be safe as the foam absorbs most of the shock. But the foam must be changed after a collision as it may not provide the same shock absorbing qualities after the impact.

Thus, foams are vital parts of automotive industries which provide unlimited benefits and safety.