Ornamental Flowers Suitable For A Balcony

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Decorating your balconies with florals is a wise choice and also a unique way to welcome your guests. But do you have any idea as to which flowers can bring your verandah to life? Here are some of the options:


Plants in the Allium family, such as the dramatic Allium giganteum whose flower heads adorn stalks up to 6 feet tall, are regarded as a broad-spectrum natural insecticide. They repel numerous insects that plague vegetable gardens, including slugs, aphids, carrot flies and cabbage worms. Plants that will benefit from the proximity of alliums include tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, cabbage, broccoli, kohlrabi and carrots. They also will keep aphids off rose bushes. Alliums include small-growing herbs such as chives and garlic chives, leeks and shallots.


Chrysanthemums repel roaches, ants, Japanese beetles, ticks, silverfish, lice, fleas, bedbugs, spider mites, harlequin bugs and root-knot nematodes. The ingredient in chrysanthemums that makes them so effective as an insect-repelling companion plant is pyrethrum. Because pyrethrums can kill flying and jumping insects, they are used in Australia’s home and garden insecticides and are frequently used in indoor sprays, pet shampoos and aerosol bombs. Although chrysanthemum flowers can be used to make an insecticidal spray, pyrethrum can be carcinogenic to humans and care should be taken in using them in this form. Make sure you know the risks.


The scent from various types of marigolds repel aphids & mosquitoes. The roots of marigolds are well-known among farmers to repel nematodes, though those qualities require a year to take effect. Marigolds are grown annually in most parts of the country, mixed along the border of flower beds or interspersed throughout a vegetable garden as they can also spur on the growth of certain plants, especially roses. To decorate your balconies with bunch of marigolds contact with a florist in Trafalgar. Although marigolds are easy to grow in sunny locations, they can fall victim to gray mould, several types of leaf spot, powdery mildew, damping off and root rot.


Nasturtiums repel whiteflies, squash bugs, aphids, many beetles and cabbage loopers. They could be considered the poster child for companion planting, which is growing a variety of plants close to one another for the benefits each brings to the others. Nasturtiums release an airborne chemical that repels predacious insects, protecting not just the nasturtium but other plants in the grouping. Because many of the insects nasturtiums repel feed on vegetables — tomatoes, cucumbers, kale, kohlrabi, collards, broccoli, cabbage and radishes — nasturtiums are an idea choice for planting along the edges of mini vegetable gardens. Fortunately, nasturtiums do not repel the all-important pollinator — the bumblebee.


Petunias shoo away aphids, tomato hornworms, asparagus beetles, leafhoppers and squash bugs. Some people think of petunias as nature’s pesticide. They are popular mostly because they are available in a variety of bright colors, and require such minimal maintenance that they are almost foolproof to grow and can be grown in garden beds, containers or hanging baskets. Plant them in sunny areas.

Thus, choose from among these when decorating your balcony or even patio with flowers.



What Is The Relation Of Roses With Wedding?

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What Is The Relation Of Roses With Wedding?
It has been seen that roses are the top choice when it comes to wedding events. Whether it is a bridal bouquet or a table centre, roses are one of the most popular wedding flowers. But, do you have any idea why the red blooms are so popular?

The answer
Right from the days of the past, roses have been seen as the symbol of love and affection, so it’s no wonder that they are associated with weddings. Roses are of different colours and each of them conveys a different meaning.

  • Red roses signify romance and passion
  • White roses signify innocence, purity and new beginnings
  • Orange signifies excitement

  • Pink signifies joyfulness and affection
  • Lavender roses signify enchantment or love at first sight

Where do roses come from?
Generally, roses occur naturally in the Northern Hemisphere and are mainly bred in Europe and North America. They are successfully exported to many a florist in Moe, and some of the varieties even flourish in our warmer climates.

Types of wedding roses available
As said earlier, there are many varieties of wedding roses available in the market. But the type you choose may depend on the style of your wedding and budget.

Tea roses:
They are the most commonly used wedding roses and come in a wide variety of colours. They have high centred blooms and thick strong stems, with just one bloom to a stem. They can be found in any online florist shop from mid-September till June.

Floribunda roses:
These look more natural and less structured when compared to tea roses. They have multiple flowers to a stem, and are often grown as garden variants. They are usually in bloom from September to May.

Heritage roses:

Heritage roses are ideal for classic or vintage styled wedding. These are usually a bit expensive as they are not as readily available.

Australian roses:

These roses could be perfect for your wedding day in Australia as they have a patriotic flavour. Some of the common types are Victoria Gold, Cecilia, Lorraine Lee, April Hamer, Daydream, Minnie Watson and Water Music.

Miniature roses:


They are generally available in the form of adorable table arrangements as well as great bridesmaids’ bouquets. They can also be added as a part of headdresses for the flower girls or even the bride. These roses are generally smaller in size. Some of them include Carrot Top, Snow Bride, Loving Touch, and Winter Magic.

As roses are the top priority of a wedding event, make sure you choose the right type based on the theme of your wedding.


Flowers To Repel Unwanted Insects

Are insects common in your home?
If yes, take comfort in knowing that one of the ways you can fight back against these critters doesn’t have to involve covering yourself with a sticky spray or engaging in chemical warfare. To help you enjoy going outdoors, try strategically placing insect-repelling plants and flowers in your garden and patio.

Repels moths, fleas, flies and mosquitoes. Although people love the smell of lavender, mosquitoes, flies and other unwanted insects hate it. Place bouquets around your home to keep away flies. Plant lavender in the garden, entryways and at windows so that they serve as a protective shield. You can also order a bulk of lavender from a flower delivery shop in Trafalgar and extract the natural oil from them to use as a mosquito repellent spray.

Ageratum is known to produce several small flowers that appear fuzzy. These flowers contain coumarin that keeps flies away. It is also used as a major ingredient in mosquito repellents. However, make sure not to it hold the flowers for a long time as the raw form may cause irritations. This is why, it is best to have this plant rooted to the ground. Ageratum is a bedding flower, and thus, it grows well in pots, flower beds and rock garden.

The bright and large golden blooms of marigold flowers are simply exquisite and are also capable of repelling insects. Marigold flowers are known to give away a strong scent that helps in keeping away the bugs. Gardeners often grow marigold around their plants to keep aphides and mosquitoes away. The common colours of this flower are golden yellow, orange or a mixture of both. These plants love sun and therefore, they should be grown in full sunny spot or partial sunny spot.

It is known to produce many bright colourful small flowers that appear like tissue papers. These flowers are often used as garnishing in soups, salads and other dishes. Besides the garnishing use, these flowers are also very useful in keeping the bugs away from fruit trees and vegetable gardens. Nasturtium can easily repel squash bugs, beetles, and white flies. It also serves as a trap net for aphides.

Besides the above mentioned flowers, other plants that are known to repel bugs are basil, borage, catnip, peppermint, garlic, geraniums and more.

How Online Flower Delivery Works?

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With the recent advent of online flower delivery services, you may be wondering how they work. Here are some common questions about online florists, followed by answers:

Where do the flowers come from?

This is the most common and confusing question among most people. Let’s make it simpler. Online flower delivery services contract local florists to fulfill the orders. When you place an order, you may notice that some of the websites show your order being fulfilled by an affiliated florist. This means that your order will be transferred to a local florist, who will then arrange your order and deliver it.

Flower delivery in Traralgon often include a photograph that is meant to be a representation of the original. You can see the arrangements and choose the best gift for your loved ones. If you have ordered a specific arrangement (with a stuffed bear or a particular vase), the online company will pass the order to the florist who will arrange the bouquet as per your requirement.

Who runs your credit card?

ecommerce-2140603_960_720Even if your order is sub-contracted to a local florist, the website where you order from, takes the payment from your credit card. The payment is then forwarded to the local florist. Most of the people fear of getting scammed. Remember, the online florists are on the Internet to make business. Therefore, if they scam you, their license can be sued. It is always safe to pay on an online florist website.

How long will it take to send the flowers?

All this depends upon the destination. Many online florists now offer worldwide deliveries, which means a longer transit time. You can also choose a floral service provider that has partnerships with other florists in various locations in your country, and can therefore get fresher flowers with less time of transit.

Are online florists putting local ones out of business?

Online florists have the potential to serve a much wider market compared to local ones. So, the larger share of the business definitely goes to the bigger online companies. This does not mean that they are outlining the local florists. It is often hectic for people to drive directly to a farm and order their bouquets. This way the offline florists were heading towards extinction. But now, with the contract from online source, they are also getting more business than before.

Now that you understand more about how this industry works, take a look at an online florist shop in Traralgon and order the best bouquet with ease.

Flowers And Their Spiritual Powers

spiritual powers of flowersSince ancient times, flowers have been believed to possess strong spiritual powers. They seem to have a firm connection with the divine realm.

Read on to find out more about the spiritual powers of flowers.

Tradition of sending floral gifts to people is perhaps as old as the first civilization in the world. Flowers convey deep meanings outside material and rational experience with their infinite beauty and variety. It can even be said that they have a firm connection with the spiritual realm. Thus, it is possible for human beings to use flowers for strengthening their bond with the divine. Let’s see what a typical florist would say about the spiritual qualities of some popular flowers:

Carnation :
carnation2Wearing carnations as part of a headdress or corsage connects an individual to the wider realm. Pink carnations help in forming a maternal bond with the surrounding world. Red ones assist in making firm decisions for spiritual pursuits. The white carnations symbolize purity, and therefore assist an individual to reduce their dependence on earthly pleasures.

 Hyacinth :
HyacinthHyacinth elevates ambiguity by delivering an energy which works against the clarity to know. It prevents absolutes from revealing and manifesting themselves before time. Inhaling the fragrance of this flower can help a person to master their own impatience.

Chrysanthemum :
ChrysanthemumChrysanthemums can strengthen the commitment and resolve of those who are fasting or making some other ritualistic sacrifice. That is why they are sometimes placed in altars for invoking discipline and devotion. These flowers can also help old souls to find the right path in life.

Daisy :
dasisy1Daisies are happy and harmonious blooms that can sooth dissent between like-minded people by restoring a sense of joyfulness and peace. These floral beauties are often considered an important component of shared altars.

Lily :
lily23It is often believed that lilies can strengthen commitment if they are present when someone is taking a vow or oath. They are also worn on corsages at weddings for ensuring marital success. The closer a bride is to a lily while saying ‘I do‘, the greater are the chances for the marriage to last forever.

Orchid :
orchid2When someone is having a spiritual breakthrough, they can buy an orchid and place it where they spend most of their time. Orchids can mark events as well as measure time spans. If they are wilting away, they show how far someone is moving beyond their accomplishments. Thriving orchids signify that one should work towards maintaining the plateau they have achieved. In other words, each of these unique flowers can be regarded as a clock with noon and midnight marked at a single position.

Each and every member of the floral kingdom has its own power than can be tapped for enhancing one’s spiritual practice.

Source : http://bit.ly/2hIO8jF