How To Find A Foam Upholsterer?

Is it time for a new foam upholstery project? Find a reputed professional to make it quicker and to achieve a top quality. How would you find a good upholsterer? Who is a good upholsterer?
It takes work to find a good tradesman in any profession. Finding a good upholsterer is no different.
If a professional has been in business for many years, there must be a reason why he/she is still in the game. That is one good sign.

The Upholstery Trade
Upholstery is one trade that allows all levels of competence to find work. Rank amateurs to qualified professionals, all have a place. Each skill level of upholsterer can find work from a corresponding type of client. The main problem is when any level or type of upholsterer is not truthful about the quality of their workmanship. However, with that said, it is not unusual for an upholsterer to think that he does better work than he actually does.

The services of upholsterers are as varied as the clients seeking upholstery work. Some clients have furniture where the fabric is completely worn, that has the cotton hanging out in a number of different places. Some of these clients just want some new foam on the furniture, and they don’t want to pay very much. They don’t care much about how good the work is, they just want a new cover and spend less for it. Other clients have high quality antiques, or sentimental furniture and they want and expect high quality workmanship, and are willing to pay more to get what they want. And there is a whole spectrum of clients between those.

If an upholsterer claims to be “the best” and brags about their workmanship, then be careful. Those who claim to be the best seldom are. Often times those who boast are trying to cover up their lack of ability. An upholsterer who does good quality work doesn’t have to brag. Their work speaks for itself.

Skill takes years to acquire, although the time to learn can be dramatically lowered if a person is apprenticed to a qualified professional who is also a good teacher.

Upholsterers have various skill levels in a variety of specialties. Some may have lots of experience in one area, but very little in another area.

Most upholsterers have ways of doing things that are common. Also, various upholsterers in Sydney use different supplies. Don’t take anything for granted. If you want certain supplies used, or if you want something special done, clearly explain, or better yet, explain it in writing and make drawings. Go on the Internet and find pictures of what you want.

Get your upholstery job done easily by hiring a foam upholsterer who can make the same in a professional way that stays for a prolonged period.


Memory Foam Mattresses – A Buyer’s Guide

memory foam
Before you start, do you know what memory foam mattress is?

It is a cutting edge, engineered form of PU (polyurethane) foam. Memory foam mattresses are made from millions of open cells that are sphere shaped. The special design of these cells makes them responsive to both body pressure points and temperature. Thus, the material is able to contour itself against the shape of your body, giving the perfect support where required. The open cell design of the mattresses allow air to pass through the material freely, which helps to keep it, and the person cool, preventing excessive sweating.

What Should You Look For When You Purchasing A Foam Mattress

When you plan to purchase a high quality foam mattress, you should look after these three important factors: Firmness Rating, ILD Rating and Density. These three ratings determine how efficient the material is.

The Size Of The Mattress

Do you know that a majority of people spend a significant time of their life lying in bed? Thus, it makes sense in buying an expensive mattresses. It is important that you purchase a high rated mattress in regards to the size of your bedroom, bed and budget.

Suitability Of Your Bed For A Memory Foam Mattress

Most mattresses can be used on all bedsteads and bases, but some can help to perform better and feel more comfortable compared to others. For instance, if you have a bedstead or bed with a slatted wooden base, it is recommended to use slats not more than 2 to 3 inches apart. The majority of foam mattresses in the market today are also suitable for box or divan type of bed. This means, just a stable and solid platform is the best foundation for a mattress.

Why The Depth Of A Mattress Is Important

Although the depth is important, the most important aspect of a memory foam mattress in terms of depth is how deep the actual foam layer is, as this determines how well it relieves pressure points, supports your body and provides you with a comfortable sleep.

Understanding The Density Of Memory Foam

memory foam
Remember, the rating of a foam mattress refers to the top layer of the memory beds density, not the full mattress. The supporting base of a mattress uses impact resistant or high resilience polyurethane foam. It is important that you never mistake this while purchasing a memory foam.

Gone are the days when spring mattresses were considered to be the best. It is the world of memory foam. So, enjoy more comfort.

Type of Upholstery Foam Used In Couch Cushions

If the foam in your sofa cushions is not up to the mark, it can to lose its rebound-ability in a very short period of time. Consider replacing the foam as quick as possible to retain the aesthetic appeal.

Basics First
Foam is measured by two basic standards: compression and density. Density is the amount of material in a single cubic foot of foam. On the contrary, compression means the amount of force required to compress the same cubic foot by 25 percent. These two figures describe the softness or hardness of a foam.

Looking inside the cushions
Polyurethane foam is the most common product used in couch cushions. It is available in multitudes of grades which indicate the durability, firmness & price range. It can be found in most upholstery stores in Sydney. Make sure that you are purchasing the foam from a reputed foam distributor or upholsterer. People often make the mistake of assuming that foam is not an eco-friendly product. But the truth is, today’s manufacturing process has helped a lot in achieving eco-friendly foam, which is a booming product in the field of upholstery.

Foam tidbits
Foam is also rated by the expected years of use. A 5-year foam means it should not begin to deteriorate for at least five years of daily usage. Similarly 10 and 15 year foam last at least for the respective number of years. There are some foams which are rated as High Resilience. These types of foam are of high-quality with a density of at least 3 pounds per cubic foot.
On the contrary, specialised options like latex foam, is made from rubber. This type of foam is not a polyurethane product and can have a density of 3 to 15 pounds per cubic foot.

Memory foam is another kind of poly foam which is manufactured to produce a super high density cushion foam.

Faking it


Cushions with a foam core wrapped with poly-fill can deliver the best aesthetic appeal. They are able to give a look of down-filled seat cushions with definite rebounding properties. The inner core of the foam stands responsible for determining the softness or firmness of the couch. On the contrary, down or fill wrap foam provides softness with a slight rumpled look. Cushion with foam core provides the rebounding effect which is absent in fiber filled ones.

Today, foam filled cushions are increasingly growing in popularity among people of Australia mainly due to their cost effectiveness, lightweight, and durability.

Furniture Stuffing Guide For Homeowners

Upholstery projects have the ability to restore worn out furniture pieces to their previous condition. With this, you can add a selection of fabric patterns, colors and the style you are looking for. However, you need to know the most important part of any upholstered item which is generally unseen from above.
Hidden beneath are the:

  • Webbing

  • Batting

  • Adhesives

  • Springs

  • Stuffing

Batting is applied on the foam to provide a smooth appearance and to prevent slippage. The thickness varies depending on the stuffing.

Cotton batting
Layers of cotton batting are applied with two different weights, 26.5 oz and 42.3 oz. Cotton batting are really soft and users enjoy the comfortability. However, cotton may cause problems after a certain period. The stuffing usually gets thinner after prolonged usage.

Upholstery foam
Foam is the most common stuffing used today. It is available in several densities. These densities help to determine the quality and the grade of the foams. The higher the density, the better the quality.

Foam quality

Denser foam will not break apart or cause clumps. Thus, choosing the highest density foams is necessary to improve the comfort level and the life of a furniture.

Foam durability
Foam firmness
The resiliency or the durability is very important as it determines the amount of wear and tear a furniture takes. Using a foam which is labeled high resilient (HR) would not only makes cushions more comfortable, but also reduce sagging over time.

Fire resistance
Most of the upholstery foams sold in Australia are fire resistant. Some furniture from any brick and mortar shop may indicate that the foam is not fire resistant. In that case, consider calling an online based
upholstery service in Sydney to custom upholster a furniture and make it fire resistant. Be sure to stuff your furniture with foams which have a label indicating FR (fire resistance).

Foam firmness
The level of firmness is determined by the Indentation Force Deflection (ILD) quality of the upholstery foam. The scale ranges from 6 to 45. The lowest number represents the softest foam while the highest defines the firmest. How soft or firm you would like your upholstered piece to be is a personal decision, and knowing the ILD number of the foam you purchase allows you to determine it.

Foam stuffing is the ultimate dictator of comfortability with unique style and durability.

How Can Be A Foam Useful To Automobiles?

upholstery in the car
Yes, foams are the most useful material for automobile interiors. Apart from this, there are other advantages of foam in the automobile industry.

Foam as a shock absorber
Foam acts as a shock absorber during a car collision which can potentially save you from severe injuries. It also reduces the damage of a car if an accident occurs. According to science, any porous substance acts as a good shock absorber. This is the reason why our bones are hollow from inside.
upholstery cars
Modern age cars come with a pasting of lightweight foam on the frontal part. This allows to absorb the energy of massive impact through shrinkage. It is really a big revolution with respect to a car’s safety, hence providing a better chance for survival of the passengers during an accident. Metal foam is actually super-light foam which is made up of infiltrated molten aluminium and expanded pearlite. These are particles lighter than a popcorn. Manufacturing of this foam does not require an expensive process. This makes the material cost effective and reliable for the automobile industry.

Reducing the weight of a vehicle
For many years reducing the vehicular weight and increasing the safety of an automobile has been a matter of concern. This is why foams are used to make seats, headliners and headrests. Foams provide excellent softness & comfort, and they are durable too. Various foam applications inside a vehicle allows it to be of low weight. This means that you can save more fuel and lower the emission level.
Apart from safety, foam also gives the freedom to have excellent upholstery in the car. It gives the passengers an optimal support while on the move. Moreover, foam headliners protect the metal sheet from rusting and give the vehicle a unique look. One can customise the foam headliner with different colours that match with the inner decoration of the car. The headrests provide great comfort and they do not tend to shrink easily which is common in the case of cotton headrests.

Serves as a protective shield to vehicular machineries
Foams are also used in the mechanical part of a vehicle. They are placed between the engine and the body of the vehicle to dampen the noise of abatement. They are also used in the gear boxes to hold the lubrication properly.

Thus, foams are a vital part of the automobile industry as they offer several benefits of beautification, security and durability.

Benefits Of Foam In Automotive Industry

Foam In Automotive Industry (1).jpg

Foams are versatile and common products used in the automotive industry. They provide many ecological and economic benefits.

The major benefits are:

  • Efficiency

Knife cutting machine / for foam panels / CNCPolyurethanes or foams can be cut into different shapes according to the size requirements. This means you can reduce the costing of scrap materials.

  • Sustainability

Polyurethanes are great products to apply to reduce the weight of a car. They help to ensure fuel economy, which results in reduced toxic emissions.

  • Recyclable

885493581106004972Polyurethanes can be recycled at the end of their life. The foams are crushed and shredded into tiny particles to use in different approved applications.

  • Versatile

njPolyurethanes are extremely versatile. They can be used in various automotive applications like seats, seat fillings, bumpers and steering wheels.

  • Safety

crash-test-1620608_960_720Polyurethanes have the ability of absorbing, due to their high resiliency. It ensures safety to the driver and passengers.

The benefits achieved by car owners from foam usage

In the modern times, the automotive industry focuses of an objective of making clean, energy efficient, safe and affordable cars. A typical car that weighs 1000 kg contains 100 kg of plastics. Among them 15 kg are polyurethanes. Car manufacturers know it very well that utilising foams will significantly enhance the safety, quality and cost effectiveness of all the cars. They also increase the environmental friendliness, technical capabilities and economic performance of a car.

Thus, the versatility is instrumental while achieving the precise mechanical goals required for automotive industries.

Reducing Noise

Do you know that polyurethanes absorb noise too? They reduce vibration and promote comfortability. Automotive sound insulation made with polyurethanes can reduce noise by 50 percent when compared to traditional insulating materials like bitumen or fibre sheets.

Crucial Usages

  1. Spoiler Spoiler is an accessory that actually helps to improve the aerodynamic properties of a vehicle. It makes the vehicle appear sleeker than those without it. And without the use of foams, spoiler wouldn’t look that much cool because other materials do not provide the same glossiness.
  1. Bumper How can you imagine a car without a bumper? You cannot. A car is incomplete without a bumper. Thanks to polyurethane foams which are essential ingredients for making bumpers. During a collision, the passengers inside the car can be safe as the foam absorbs most of the shock. But the foam must be changed after a collision as it may not provide the same shock absorbing qualities after the impact.

Thus, foams are vital parts of automotive industries which provide unlimited benefits and safety.


Tips To Decorate The Interior Of A Boat

Tips To Decorate The Interior Of A Boat.png

Decorating the interior of a boat is a challenging task as you have a very little space to furnish with proper furniture and other décor items. However, don’t ever sacrifice or overlook the security level because safety comes first in case of every marine vehicle. On the other hand, furniture inside a boat is already built during the manufacturing process. Thus, you can’t have the flexibility to move the seating arrangements from here to there. All you can do is to make the fixed furniture comfortable with the help of quality foam. You can do this by hiring any local upholstery professional in Sydney who has a reputation for provide reliable services. You also have a limited space to furnish the wall with wall hangings. Therefore, you can try to spruce up the place with very simple yet unique decorative items. Overstocking the entire boat with too many embellishments can create a clumsy look.

Interior Of A BoatThe interiors of most boats are built with polished wood, so in order to vanish the boring dark brown shades, you need to apply some bright and vibrant colours. Bright hues will not only create the illusion of a spacious look, but also remove dullness from the area. Apart from applying bright colours, you can also use bright cushions, seat covers, etc. Thus, play with colours as much as you can. Opt for the mix and match concept as well. Combining contrasting shades can really rejuvenate the interior of your boat.

You can even add extra storage space inside the boat. But instead of opting for permanent fixtures, make use of hanging shelves, small baskets, etc. for keeping your belongings. Try to use the ceiling as well as the wall to store your belongings, so as to avoid unnecessary clutter.
0002Labeboatinterior-18-364.pngIf you are taking your kids with you for a fun filled marine drive, then make sure to add some kid friendly features in your boat beforehand. Add an extra hanging space to store their toys and other playthings. Keep some books in the shelves. Arrange some fun and interactive activities as well to prevent boredom. Playing some good music might also be a great idea.

Whenever you need to furnish a brand new boat or restore an old one, proceed with the task systematically. As you have very small space to decorate, so just plan the interior decoration and then move ahead step by step.