How Can Be A Foam Useful To Automobiles?

upholstery in the car
Yes, foams are the most useful material for automobile interiors. Apart from this, there are other advantages of foam in the automobile industry.

Foam as a shock absorber
Foam acts as a shock absorber during a car collision which can potentially save you from severe injuries. It also reduces the damage of a car if an accident occurs. According to science, any porous substance acts as a good shock absorber. This is the reason why our bones are hollow from inside.
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Modern age cars come with a pasting of lightweight foam on the frontal part. This allows to absorb the energy of massive impact through shrinkage. It is really a big revolution with respect to a car’s safety, hence providing a better chance for survival of the passengers during an accident. Metal foam is actually super-light foam which is made up of infiltrated molten aluminium and expanded pearlite. These are particles lighter than a popcorn. Manufacturing of this foam does not require an expensive process. This makes the material cost effective and reliable for the automobile industry.

Reducing the weight of a vehicle
For many years reducing the vehicular weight and increasing the safety of an automobile has been a matter of concern. This is why foams are used to make seats, headliners and headrests. Foams provide excellent softness & comfort, and they are durable too. Various foam applications inside a vehicle allows it to be of low weight. This means that you can save more fuel and lower the emission level.
Apart from safety, foam also gives the freedom to have excellent upholstery in the car. It gives the passengers an optimal support while on the move. Moreover, foam headliners protect the metal sheet from rusting and give the vehicle a unique look. One can customise the foam headliner with different colours that match with the inner decoration of the car. The headrests provide great comfort and they do not tend to shrink easily which is common in the case of cotton headrests.

Serves as a protective shield to vehicular machineries
Foams are also used in the mechanical part of a vehicle. They are placed between the engine and the body of the vehicle to dampen the noise of abatement. They are also used in the gear boxes to hold the lubrication properly.

Thus, foams are a vital part of the automobile industry as they offer several benefits of beautification, security and durability.

Benefits Of Foam In Automotive Industry

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Foams are versatile and common products used in the automotive industry. They provide many ecological and economic benefits.

The major benefits are:

  • Efficiency

Knife cutting machine / for foam panels / CNCPolyurethanes or foams can be cut into different shapes according to the size requirements. This means you can reduce the costing of scrap materials.

  • Sustainability

Polyurethanes are great products to apply to reduce the weight of a car. They help to ensure fuel economy, which results in reduced toxic emissions.

  • Recyclable

885493581106004972Polyurethanes can be recycled at the end of their life. The foams are crushed and shredded into tiny particles to use in different approved applications.

  • Versatile

njPolyurethanes are extremely versatile. They can be used in various automotive applications like seats, seat fillings, bumpers and steering wheels.

  • Safety

crash-test-1620608_960_720Polyurethanes have the ability of absorbing, due to their high resiliency. It ensures safety to the driver and passengers.

The benefits achieved by car owners from foam usage

In the modern times, the automotive industry focuses of an objective of making clean, energy efficient, safe and affordable cars. A typical car that weighs 1000 kg contains 100 kg of plastics. Among them 15 kg are polyurethanes. Car manufacturers know it very well that utilising foams will significantly enhance the safety, quality and cost effectiveness of all the cars. They also increase the environmental friendliness, technical capabilities and economic performance of a car.

Thus, the versatility is instrumental while achieving the precise mechanical goals required for automotive industries.

Reducing Noise

Do you know that polyurethanes absorb noise too? They reduce vibration and promote comfortability. Automotive sound insulation made with polyurethanes can reduce noise by 50 percent when compared to traditional insulating materials like bitumen or fibre sheets.

Crucial Usages

  1. Spoiler Spoiler is an accessory that actually helps to improve the aerodynamic properties of a vehicle. It makes the vehicle appear sleeker than those without it. And without the use of foams, spoiler wouldn’t look that much cool because other materials do not provide the same glossiness.
  1. Bumper How can you imagine a car without a bumper? You cannot. A car is incomplete without a bumper. Thanks to polyurethane foams which are essential ingredients for making bumpers. During a collision, the passengers inside the car can be safe as the foam absorbs most of the shock. But the foam must be changed after a collision as it may not provide the same shock absorbing qualities after the impact.

Thus, foams are vital parts of automotive industries which provide unlimited benefits and safety.


Tips To Decorate The Interior Of A Boat

Tips To Decorate The Interior Of A Boat.png

Decorating the interior of a boat is a challenging task as you have a very little space to furnish with proper furniture and other décor items. However, don’t ever sacrifice or overlook the security level because safety comes first in case of every marine vehicle. On the other hand, furniture inside a boat is already built during the manufacturing process. Thus, you can’t have the flexibility to move the seating arrangements from here to there. All you can do is to make the fixed furniture comfortable with the help of quality foam. You can do this by hiring any local upholstery professional in Sydney who has a reputation for provide reliable services. You also have a limited space to furnish the wall with wall hangings. Therefore, you can try to spruce up the place with very simple yet unique decorative items. Overstocking the entire boat with too many embellishments can create a clumsy look.

Interior Of A BoatThe interiors of most boats are built with polished wood, so in order to vanish the boring dark brown shades, you need to apply some bright and vibrant colours. Bright hues will not only create the illusion of a spacious look, but also remove dullness from the area. Apart from applying bright colours, you can also use bright cushions, seat covers, etc. Thus, play with colours as much as you can. Opt for the mix and match concept as well. Combining contrasting shades can really rejuvenate the interior of your boat.

You can even add extra storage space inside the boat. But instead of opting for permanent fixtures, make use of hanging shelves, small baskets, etc. for keeping your belongings. Try to use the ceiling as well as the wall to store your belongings, so as to avoid unnecessary clutter.
0002Labeboatinterior-18-364.pngIf you are taking your kids with you for a fun filled marine drive, then make sure to add some kid friendly features in your boat beforehand. Add an extra hanging space to store their toys and other playthings. Keep some books in the shelves. Arrange some fun and interactive activities as well to prevent boredom. Playing some good music might also be a great idea.

Whenever you need to furnish a brand new boat or restore an old one, proceed with the task systematically. As you have very small space to decorate, so just plan the interior decoration and then move ahead step by step.

What Kind of Upholstery Suits You The Best


Deciding upon the kind of upholstery that harmonises well with your requirements as well as your home decor can be quite a daunting task. For instance, if you have children, then some fancy and luxurious upholstery is probably not going to be your pick. survive at your home. So, selecting the right upholstery according to your requisites is crucial. Here are some of the popular choices of upholstery in Sydney :
Wool – Wool upholstered items being quite expensive, most people tend to strike out this choice from their list. They can get easily stained and are tough to clean. Moreover, they cannot bear exposure to bleaching chemicals. However, wool is resilient, highly durable, does not suffer discolouration easily and is fire-resistant by natureWool
Leather – Leather upholstered furniture sport an elegant and expensive look, and can also withstand wear, tear and stains. But leather requires extensive maintenance, which encompasses special cleaning techniques to prevent colour fading.

Cotton – Cotton upholstery are available in different varieties and patterns for suiting nearly everyone’s taste. They are generally moth-resistant and quite easy to maintain.
Polyester – It is a synthetic alternative for upholstery which resists discolouration and is also produced in a wide range of colours. However, polyester can easily get stained by oils, such as those from salad dressing and hand lotion. The fabric is also prone to wrinkles, shrinkage and crumpling.
Rayon – Rayon is an excellent inexpensive alternative to natural fabrics like wool, leather and cotton. Rayon upholstered items are mildew and fading resistant. They are also available in an array of colours.
Olefin – This fabric is fairly new when compared to other upholstery materials but is more commonly used in furniture and carpets. Though olefin can get damaged easily by friction, it is resistant to moisture, heat, insects, bleach and stains. But because of its inability to absorb dye properly, olefin is available in limited colours and designs.
At the time of purchasing, do not hesitate to inspect the longevity of the item. While inspection, check whether you can feel the framework of the furniture item through its upholstery. If you are buying a couch, then examine the cushions provided with them carefully.

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How To Care For Hotel Furniture

Hotel furniture plays an important role in making a statement for an establishment. However, if they are not maintained properly and remain dirty, that statement won’t be quite favourable, and rather send out a wrong message about your business. If you want to prevent that from happening, you must follow a definite maintenance and cleaning protocol. Here are some useful tips that your staff can observe to ensure proper upkeep of the furniture items in your hotel premises:

For Vinyl & Fabric

Untitled design(3).pngIn order to spot clean lounges, sofas, chairs and other furniture made with vinyl and fabric, this method can be used effectively:

First of all, the spot cleaning solution must be tested on an inconspicuous area. If any colour running or bleeding occurs, a milder product should be resorted to. Otherwise, you can simply instruct your staff to use warm soapy water. Whatever it is, the solution must be applied on a clean rag and rubbed on the affected areas of the furniture in circular motions. Paper towels can be used for dabbing off excess moisture from the surface of the upholstered furniture. For shampooing, the same method has to be followed.

In case you notice wear and tear on the upholstered furniture from regular usage, then simply get in touch with a good firm dealing with upholstery in Sydney. But be careful so as not to fall for any scam company that offers poor quality service and charges the usual rates.

For Chrome & Wood

Untitled design(4).pngFor polishing furniture items made of wood and chrome, it is important to use their respective cleaning solutions. The articles must be polished one time (or more times, if possible) every month. However, if they are used more frequently, your staff will have to clean them every week.

Make sure that the connecting pieces like plastic seating on stacking chairs with chrome frame are polished & maintained properly with plastic cleaning solutions. If cleaning solution is not available, it would be better to opt for soap water solution.

Last but not the least, always check the manufacturer’s instructions provided with the furniture items. They generally have lots of info about adequate spot cleaning, polishing, shampooing, recovering and so on.

Upkeep of your hotel furniture is one of the positive aspects that allow your guests to have an indelible experience. So start maintaining them now to provide the level of comfort that your clients expect from your hotel.

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