Salient Features Of Polyurethane In Marine Industry

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Polyurethane foams provide great insulation and buoyancy to boats and marine environments. They are the best flotation material for all kinds of small and tug boats. Foams can also be used to build various boat cushion, padding, buoys and docks.

Polyurethane foams are known for their durability in marine industry because they:

  • Provide high strength to weight ratio.

  • Are unaffected by water and moisture.

  • Are unaffected by grease, oil and gasoline.

  • Offer excellent thermal insulation.

  • Wont buckle, sag or deteriorate over time.

  • Great adhesive qualities.

  • Versatile and efficient, thus being ideal for marine upholstery in Sydney.

Using Polyurethane foams as flotation material
Closed cell polyurethane foams offer the best flotation capability in marine industry. This is why, foams are the first choice for most of the boat builders. Moreover, boats fitted with foams provide internal buoyancy, which means they can remain afloat even if they are capsized with water. Thus, foam installation in a boat can also save you from disaster.

Applying foams in pontoons
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Polyurethane foams are the primary products for floating docks and pontoons. Pontoons filled with foam are very cost effective and have good floating properties. Foams can be used for both vinyl and concrete encasing pontoons.

Polyurethane coating and sealants
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Polyurethane sealants are great in sealing boat hulls. Boats are prone to corrosion from salty water and moist weather which increase drag and affect hydrodynamic structure of boats. These sealants are not just profitable for boats, but are also effective to kayaks, speed boats canoes and row boats.
Apart from this, foams are also good products for equipment which are used for diving purposes.

Flexibility of polyurethane foams
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Boaters and sailors can enjoy the comforts of home in a seaworthy vessel, thanks to the flexibility of polyurethane foams. They make carpet pads and cushions soft, and firmer. The beddings are much supportive and comfortable than any other materials. Foams can also be moulded to fit the small and curved corners of boats which are often hard to furnish.

Rigid polyurethane foams
The sound of engines is often annoying and makes the boating experience intolerable. Thus, boats fitted with foams provide rigidity with noise insulation and offer protection from extreme temperatures. Apart from this, foams have the capacity to bear loads and are also lightweight.

This shows how foams are important in the marine industry and you too must rely on these materials for all your boating needs.